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Hoarder Clean Up Service

Hoarding Clean Up Service Hoarding Cleaning Junk Removal Services and Cost in Lincoln NE
Lincoln Junk Removal

Hoarder help Lincoln NE: Do you or a loved one suffer from clinical hoarding? Lincoln Junk Removal can help! Our clean up services include junk & trash removal as well as help for hoarders in Lincoln NE. Many people are hesitant to call for an estimate or cleanup of a hoarding scenario because they believe the process will be very stressful and lengthy.

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Hoarding is a condition that has enormous impacts on both health and safety. It causes emotional distress for the person experiencing, as well as their family. When you need hoarding clean up in Lincoln, you want a compassionate company that understands your needs. Lincoln Junk Removal have years of experience providing hoarding clean up services in Lincoln.

We understand that the individual hoarding may have difficulty with certain aspects of their condition. Even when their situation restricts movement and household functionality, they may want to hold onto certain things. We’ll work with you and your loved ones to provide sensitive hoarding clean up in Lincoln, which puts you in control of the removal process.


We are trained in hoarding and squalor clean up. Why use Lincoln Junk Removal:

  • We interact with you throughout the whole process
  • A caring approach is made to ensure we are not adding stress
  • We interact with you throughout the cleanup process

When we arrive we will assess the situation, ask a lot of questions and remove only what has been Pre-arranged. Some estate clean up jobs require an entire house clean outs. This is most common in the case of the death of a loved one.

The other ways we offer help is when we remove small loads over time. Once items that need to be removed are identified we will load them into our truck and donate reusable items.

We Customize Our Service To Meet Your Needs.


We can liaison with all involved parties and confirm a scope of the cost of clean up of the hoarder property. There will be a full price estimate before we start work which includes estimation of waste removal. Other cleaning methods we offer:

  • Rubbish
  • Papers
  • Garbage Bags
  • Food containers
  • Boxes
  • Clothing

Hoarding Health Risks:

  • Physical and mental health
  • Child protection
  • Animal protection
  • Sanitisation problems
  • Risk of fire
  • Safety of building

Hoarding Clean Up Steps:

  • Sorting of recoverable and non-recoverable house contents
  • Disposal of non-recoverable contents
  • Removal of floor coverings if needed
  • Removal of needles

Through the process there are generally several parties involved, who must all be worked with. These include:

  • Family
  • The affected building occupant
  • Government
  • Community care organization
  • Animal welfare



Hoarding can occur in one area or multiple areas of a property, extending outside as well. Our team is skilled at navigating tight, dangerous areas to safely remove unwanted items. Many items that commonly require junk removal in Lincoln may contain toxic materials. We take full responsibility for removing and correctly disposing of these items during a hoarding cleanout in Lincoln. We always work to reduce the stress placed on you and your loved ones during this emotional time and work quickly and efficiently.

We have developed a proven process to ensure that the entire cleanup process makes everyone involved happy. Thanks to this process, all the junk is properly disposed of, all our customers’ requirements are met easily, and we get permanent customers for life.

Here is how this 4-step process works.

Step 1: Listening

When the customer first gets in touch with us, we patiently listen to all their requirements. We fully understand the problem at hand so that there is no confusion left. If they are some problems that require the attention of the entire family such as hoarding cleanup, crime scene, blood or suicide cleanup, and so on, we work closely with everyone involved before we proceed with the cleanup.

Step 2: Planning

This is the phase when we sit with everyone involved to chalk up a cleaning plan. This plan not only includes taking away all the junk, hazardous substances, and filth, but also restoring the property to its clean state. We also get information on the things that need to be salvaged such as jewelry, souvenirs, important documents, and so on. Based on the project, and the information you shared, we will create a plan for disposing of all the junk and waste that is lying around at the place.

Apart from creating an effective plan, we also help our clients deal with the law enforcement agencies and insurance agencies, if required. Junk removal is usually covered in property insurance, although it may not always be explicitly mentioned. In fact, if you wish, we can deal with the insurance company directly for your convenience.

Step 3: Cleaning

This is the phase when all the cleaning takes place. We use everything from heavy duty vacuum cleaner to industrial strength cleaners to provide you a speckles building. The disposable junk is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Recyclable items are sent to recycling units.

And non-hazardous waste is sent to landfills, depending on whether it qualifies for the landfills. We are careful to make sure that even the smallest of items that need to be salvaged are found. We will do our best to find your lost items too, if they are in the junk.

Step 4: Post-cleanup follow-up

For families which are dealing with hoarding, accidents, crimes, or other difficult and traumatic times, we will create a follow-up plan for them on how to maintain cleanliness in the place. After providing a homeless cleanup, we would be happy to share tips on how to prevent squatters and homeless from making your property their temporary homes.

In a nutshell, there is no cleanup project that we do not do. Everything from the most difficult projects like hospital or jail cleanups to the smallest ones, we provide our services to everyone. If you have been living in San Francisco, you will have noticed our trucks on the road at least once a day. We always have multiple teams in the field, and therefore, are able to tend to every customer’s needs in a jiffy.

As a highly responsive and responsible agency, we pride in our ability to deliver quick, and thorough services. If you want the best cleanup that a professional agency can provide, get in touch with us right now. Do not hesitate.

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